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My Star Trek Online had crashed :( and I'm waiting for the scan files to end, so...
Yesterday, contemplating a prompt, which I found by accident and decided to fill that came to my mind:

Star Trek 2009/Doom crossover
Bones, Pike, random red-shirt, um...
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Star Trek, Doom and it's characters.

“Doctor McCoy! Doctor McCoy!” some random red-shirt was chasing after CMO of Enterprise.

“What?” McCoy growled in annoyance. He was working for the last three and a half days straight to patch up and keep alive all the victims of the surprise attack on the Enterprise. Fortunately Jim Kirk, Spock and other members of the command staff didn't count among them. What a miracle. The ship returned to Earth as fast as possible and all the injured were transported to hospital and medical department finally could take some time off. But not McCoy, apparently.

“There was an accident with the transporter and Admiral Pike requested your presence,” the red-shirt ended the sentence to an empty air as McCoy took off to the transporter room at the word 'accident'.

Nothing could prepare McCoy for what greeted him there.

Two boys and a girl, about ten years old, were running around, chasing each other. Another boy, Vulcan, stood on the side, looking uncertain. And another little boy was crying so loudly, that McCoy immediately got a headache, super healing or not.

“Ah, there you are,” Pike looked relieved to see the Doctor.

“What's going on?” McCoy asked.

“As you can see,” the Admiral gestured at the kids. “Command officers of the Enterprise were turned to children. Some glitch in the transporter. Mr. Scott is checking what went wrong.” Pike smirked, “Since nobody is available and have any idea how to deal with children you're going to keep an eye on them until the problem is solved.”

“WHAT?!” McCoy yelled, causing all the children to freeze and look at him. Even the crying stopped.

The Admiral grinned, “Now, that you're listening, this is Doctor McCoy. You will be staying with him for a while.” McCoy let out strangled sound and Pike's grin widened. “Mr. Scott said it may take a few days. It's a good thing you don't need to sleep that much, McCoy,” Pike slapped his arm on the way out. “Have fun.”

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Okay, I think I've got a use for this journal after all. 
So... While I write I often get some other ideas and I write them down in short scenes. Actually I have more scenes than stories, but well...
Just a piece something, that came to my mind today. It doesn't even make sense :P I don't know if I'll make a story from it or not. Maybe someday...

Star Trek 2009/Doom crossover
Bones, Jim, random Klingon captain
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Star Trek, Doom and it's characters.

Jim relaxed into his chair and grinned.

“How much time do you need, Doctor?” he asked conversationally, completely ignoring the Klingon captain.

“What?!” the Klingon asked incredulously. McCoy looked equally confused.

“Bird of Prey usually have 12 crewmen,” Kirk supplied helpfully, still talking to McCoy, whose expression darkened with each next word. “Enough for you to have fun and not strain yourself too much.”

McCoy froze. It couldn't be what he thought it was.

“What?!” repeated the Klingon captain, enraged.

“Of course,” Kirk looked at the alien, “if you want to surrender now and return my CMO unharmed, then I let you leave Federation space in peace.”

“That's not gonna happen!” the Klingon yelled.

“Oh, well,” the Captain of the Enterprise waved him off and focused on McCoy. He smiled and raised eyebrows imploringly. “So?”

The Doctor stared, noting the relaxed pose of his Captain, the sincere smile and knowing, affectionate look in his eyes. There was no deception, nothing false in his pose. He was really asking McCoy to take action. He knew, the Doctor realized. He licked his lips and tugged at his restrains. They were strong, but not strong enough to stop him.

“I think half an hour,” he drawled slowly. The plans of escaping not only his prison, but about ditching his current life already forming. “Give or take.”

“What?!” the Klingon captain whirled around to look at him.

“Okay, Bones,” Jim agreed easily. Then he leveled the Klingon with hard, cold glare. “If you survive this, I hope you learn your lesson to not threaten me or my crew. And not to piss off my CMO by threatening me or my crew.” He grinned again, “I'm waiting for you, so get your ass home, Bones. I have something to show you. Kirk out.”

Pierwszy post, próba, test, itd.

założyłam tu konto, żeby przeczytać jednego fica. I tak nie podziałało :/ Lipa.
Może coś z tego dziennika się zrobi.. Chociaż na co mi kolejny blog...?
Jak będę mieć wenę to może będę tu wklejać jakieś fragmenty moich ficów, po angielsku.
Moooże nawet będzie mi się chciało przetłumaczyć je na polski. Ale po polsku głupio brzmią. Ktoś to zauważył?

So anyway this is a test post and I'm rambling. I can't get over the fact I actually created an account here. We'll see what happen with it..
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